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Outdoor Fireworks Displays

A great outdoor fireworks display is more than just shell count. It requires creativity, planning, attention to detail, plus the right equipment, crew, product, and lots of hard work. At Impact Pyro, every show we do, from the largest to the smallest, is meticulously designed and scripted using computer aided design software that helps with show timing and allows for easy integration of music. Each show is then set up and electrically fired by highly trained and licensed professionals, who understand and are committed to both safety and exceptional customer service. When it comes to outdoor fireworks, you simply will not find a better show for your budget dollar.

Whether you need fireworks for your city's July 4 celebration or want to add excitement to your county fair or harvest festival or are looking to create a magical moment at your wedding - whatever the occasion, Impact Pyro specializes in providing the absolute best in outdoor fireworks. Using some of the best products on the market today, our talented pyro professionals will deliver a show that is sure to thrill your spectators and leave your guests in awe. Contact us today to learn more.

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