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When To Plan

Display fireworks are highly regulated at federal, state, and local levels. Furthermore, shooting requirements and turnover time in obtaining the necessary permits can vary significantly between local municipalities.  Additionally, shows incorporating effects choreographed with music (a pyro-musical) will require additional time to arrange and prescript. For these reasons, it is beneficial to plan your show as early as possible, preferably months in advance.  

Keep in mind, also, that unlike some fireworks exhibitors, Impact Pyro does not seek out and use contract shooters whom we know little about, just so we can add another client. We prefer to be known by the quality of our shows, not the quantity. Therefore, we use a select number of licensed operators whom we train and trust to execute an Impact Pyro show as designed. Moreover, our owners are intimately involved in the planning and execution of every show we do. Because of this, our availability may be limited during peak times of the year, such as dates on or near July 4, making it all the more important that you make arrangements as early as possible. 

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